Relive the Moment

Press, Play

Just press the button to start recording a 10-second video from your perspective, hands-free. Press again to extend to 20 or 30 seconds to capture more of the moment!

Lights, Camera…

Spectacles light up to let friends know you’re recording. What you do next is up to you!

Full Circle

Relive the moment the way you experienced it with our unique circular format. Rotate your phone to catch every detail. Or, pinch to zoom out and see everything, all at once!

In Sync

Your videos are automatically backed up and saved to Memories on Snapchat!

Share Anywhere

Send your videos to friends, add them to your Story, or save them to your Camera Roll. You can even add captions, stickers, doodles, and other effects on Snapchat!

Charge on the Go

No need to bring your charging cable along — or even your phone! Spectacles can capture and store videos on their own, and recharge up to four times in their included charging case.

Get Yours

Available in Black, Coral, and Teal.

Includes charging case and cable.